Hours and hourly rate

AM shift (05.00am – 14.30pm) £12.06 per hour

PM shift (15.15pm – 00.30am) £12.48 per hour

Job purpose

To lead, support and advise the line team through good communications and the implementation of company procedures whilst achieving quality and quantity levels, upholding good housekeeping and health and safety standards. To be cost effective at all times and maintain constant organisation through delegation and awareness to others. To encourage good communications with supporting departments and to achieve a stronger and more productive workforce.

The role holder will have a good technical understanding of equipment in their area.

Provide first level training to team members alongside the training team.

Lead the team to ensure all KPI’s are achieved.

Be proactive in raising issues and concerns.

Ensure all elements of the team are working together to achieve desired KPI’s and goals.

The operator will need to be flexible and use a variety of skills, understanding quality, product and safety requirements and be able to handle non routine situations which may arise.

Key Accountabilities

Organise line work activities and determine priorities to meet production schedules and other targets such as costs, productivity, waste, quality and safety.

To be aware of all KPI indicators, i.e. ways in which efficiency and yields can be increased and labour costs and waste can be reduced.

To ensure good communications both up and down, to share information, knowledge, instructions, advise, support and understanding.

Set up, changeover and operate machinery and other equipment in the area/line within standard operating procedures to achieve required outputs and quality including control all label changes.

Carry out a range of manual tasks and activities and ensure all tasks are finished within permitted time frames.

Check products and materials against the required quality standards to ensure they meet specifications.

To be able to read and understand specifications.

To be able to understand and fill in all line or area paperwork and paperwork is completed accurately and in a timely manner.

To be able to carry out all required checks on line.

Check and monitor processes making recommendations for any adjustments necessary to achieve product and process specification.

Clean and tidy work areas so that hygiene and health and safety standards are maintained, and undertake straightforward hygiene tasks.

Reports faults so they can be put right quickly to keep downtime to a minimum.

Help solve problems and make suggestions for improvement so that better ways of doing jobs are identified and implemented.

A shared responsibility for the implementation and maintenance of policies including codes of practice, any customer policies and any relevant legislative requirements

Provide ongoing support and training to operators to help attain/retain necessary skills.

Ensure all necessary customer and food safety checks/records are maintained.

To work as part of a team and operate more complex machinery and equipment.

Skills/knowledge required:-

Good communicator

Team working

Ability to work independently

Practical / manual handling skills

Basic H&S awareness

Basic Food Safety Awareness/ allergens awareness

Ability to learn and be trained in required skills

Potential to develop at Area Leader level

Problem solving

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