We are looking for enthusiastic applicants to join our friendly Production team.

As the Line Leader, you will be responsible for the production of the line you are assigned to and your key tasks will be to: organise the work of line staff in High Risk / Low Risk areas, manage the performance of the staff on your line, this will include ensuring staff are trained to do the roles required, ensure tasks are carried out correctly and efficiently, holding regular briefings to share information, giving the team direction, ensuring return to work meetings are carried out, supporting disciplinary matters, ensuring time and attendance details are passed to the Production Manager and that agency staff assigned to your line are trained as required. You will monitor quality of output; react to variances and record information, ensure quality and production targets are achieved, and lead innovative different ways of working to improve performance.

Successful applicants will have:

The desire to achieve top quality work.

Knowledge of KPI indicators – labour, yield, giveaway, waste, plan attainment.

Understanding of true line efficiency, the daily plan and financial implications of areas of control.

Good knowledge of planning, processing and quality procedures.

Ability to work within budget parameters.

Ability to provide accurate data.

Computer skills.

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