The QA will be responsible for ensuring products achieve required food safety and quality standards for our customers.

As a QA you will be required to:

· Perform all aspects of on line checks of product, packaging, labelling and procedure, ensuring compliance with specification.

Routinely check factory paperwork and report/action issues efficiently.

Conduct intake inspection of ingredients and packaging including certificates of conformity and analysis to ensure company procedure is being followed.

Help maintain high slicing standards and pack quality.

Undertake the following checks / audits:Scale checks, metal detector checks and Dansensor checks.

Daily equipment calibration checks e.g. thermometers and gas analyser.

Fabric audits.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) audits.

Glass and brittle material audits.

Cooking profile testing.

End of life testing.

Audits of operations and practices in non-production areas of the site e.g. lorry park, grounds, roof void.


Age alerts.

Audit CCP’s on a daily basis.

Hold system monitoring.

Check operational practices at factory level.

Fabric checking and lean manufacturing red tag issuing.

Support shelf life evaluations.

Undertake archiving of paperwork.

Ensure routine samples are collected as required.

Sample selection for projects / buyer approval.

Book samples on the computer system (Netlab) for all customers and ensure completion to customer sampling expectations.

Identify and re-test product / swab microbiological laboratory testing exceptions.

Ensure correct factory paperwork issue and completion.

Routinely check factory paperwork and report / action issues efficiently.

Monitor any products place on hold and ensure the correct process is followed.

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