• Organise the work of Line Leaders in both high risk and low risk

• Manage performance of staff

• Monitor quality of output; react to variances and record information (detail) to ensure costs, quality and production targets are achieved, lead innovative different ways of working to improve performance

Key Accountabilities

Carry out regular team briefs to staff members in relation to performance / training needs to ensure the team operates effectively and targets are met.

Coordinate daily head count per area/line and control movements of staff where necessary, e.g. low volume / area breakdowns.

To ensure good communications both to team and to management, to share information, knowledge and advice.

Control and confirm time and attendance hours to the Area Manager, for payroll.

To be involved with staff disciplinaries (excluding Gross Misconduct), as required, and responsible for return-to-work procedures.

Organise relevant training for staff through the Training Team.

Complete quality checks meeting specification and ensure food safety checks /records are maintained by your team.

Resolve complex problems relating to line performance / production and give the team direction.

Provide suitable responses to customer complaints and implement actions to stop reoccurring non-conformance.

Challenge current process identifying quick wins for cost reductions.

Utilise staff members effectively, looking at time and motion of activities.

Process at optimum loading capacity of slicing lines (Grote slicing speeds).

Avoid customer shortages.

Build stock levels ensuring supply.

Explore all options of potential plan changes if required, to meet deadlines.

Ensure all area paperwork and procedures are implemented and correctly used and that all other written communication is followed and acted upon.

Any other reasonable duties as requested by the Area Manager.

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