More than 20,000 leaders from business, government, the UN, and civil society will gather for the UN’s largest corporate sustainability event to elevate action to get back on track after the pandemic and rebuild. The event will also include a talk with Andy York, Human Rights Manager, on 16 June at 1.30pm.

Over 26 hours of continuous virtual programming, speakers and guests from 69 Global Compact Local Networks will discuss responsible business practices through the lens of pressing issues such as the state of sustainability; credible climate action; tackling corruption through collective action; decent work and ensuring living wages; accelerating women’s leadership and bringing innovative sustainable investment instruments to market.

Any York explained: “I am thrilled to be speaking at this even which is a huge honour. This is our chance to share our key knowledge and intelligence, and also learn from global leaders. The SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals) and our own targets can only be met through collective thinking and sharing of best practice and ideas.”

The Summit will also aim to convene Heads of State, CEOs of major corporations and UN leaders to address the converging global crises of climate change, the Covid-19 global pandemic, worsening social and economic inequality and unchecked corruption in order to offer a roadmap for a sustainable recovery.

Andy added: “I would encourage anyone interested in sustainability, human rights and inequality to join and understand the amazing work being done globally to help bring about real lasting change. This is also a good opportunity to understand what myself and my team are doing for the business and why human rights within our company is so important.”

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