Britain's leading higher welfare pig farmer

At Pilgrim’s UK we are committed to sustainable and regenerative farming. We are the UK’s leading pig farmer and procurer of lambs with a heritage of producing high welfare pigs and lambs for our customers and we’ve been doing it to the highest standards for over 40 years. We are proud to support our independent pig and lamb suppliers who also form part of our farming supply chain.

Our pig supply

We have over 40 years’ experience producing higher welfare pigs sustainably.

Please click through the following tabs to learn more about: Animal Welfare – the standards and ethics we apply to our farming; BQP  – our own industry-leading pig production business; and Farming Supply Chain  – the fantastic independent farmers we work with.

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Our Lamb Supply

We work closely with family farms in regions renowned for their grass growing conditions making them ideal for high welfare extensive lamb production. Our lambs are reared outdoors and our farmers work closely with nature, producing lamb sustainably to the highest welfare standards.

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