Consumer wants and needs are expected to evolve rapidly over the next decade, influencing product innovation and the industry.

We expect that the move towards a ‘less but better’ society, with increased social consciousness and a focus on health, wellbeing and convenience will increasingly influence shopping choices and expectations, shaping the future of food.

What we don’t see changing is consumer demand for great taste at affordable prices.

Less But Better.

We’re seeing a change in the way people eat meat, with many increasing the quality of product while reducing the quantity they eat. We expect consumers to put greater value on buying the best or most innovative cuts of meat and to place increasing value on presentation and dressing.

Health And Well Being.

The nutritional benefits of protein are coming to the fore as customers realise the role of meat as part of a healthy lifestyle. 

At the same time, proteins from plants and lab-grown meats are offering a meat-free alternative, which will change our market in the coming years.

Social Consciousness.

With more and more people considering the environmental and ethical impact of what they eat, demand will increase for ethically produced meat and plant-based foods that protect the health of the planet as well as being part of a healthy diet.

Convenience And Added Value.

In a time-hungry world, people are looking for food that fits with their busy lifestyles.

We expect to see increased demand for products that reduce the time and effort involved in making a meal and for other products that offer quality, skill and freshness without the hassle.