The Bromborough team have been working with local beekeepers in a project to bring Bees to Bromborough – helping spread positive vibes and produce some delicious honey.

The team are working with local Bee expert Rachel Sampara who is the founder of Wings & Radicles. Rachel helps promote Wellness Through Beekeeping which helps groups of people, as well as work places, improve their wellbeing and mental health through working with Bees and working in a natural environment in the outdoors.

Rachael Dodd, SHE Manger, explained: “This is a great project which involves utilising the land around our site and helping support and encourage nature. But it is also helping people in our community. Working with bees after a challenging period on your life can help in many ways, and Rachel Sampara is showing us all the value of such a project. We hope to be getting a batch of honey soon which we will be sure to share with colleagues and look forward to expanding the project soon.”

The Bromborough team are working collaboratively with several operators who have volunteered for this exciting project, with the first bees having arrived 1st May.