Pilgrim’s Europe is pleased to announce a big marketing campaign push to support the recent launch of our latest product, Fridge Raiders Chicken Poppers, which are on sale now. The new snacking product, which come in two flavours, is being supported by a £500k promotion push that will hit high streets and social media platforms from today (20 May).

With the objective to recruit new buyers and land how tasty the products really are, the team have produced an amazing suite of visuals which put the product front and centre, alongside some subtle humour to land Poppers’ cheeky tone of voice. Our ads will be popping up on screens across the UK so be sure to keep your eyes peeled!

Not only this, but things will be poppin’ off on social media for the next six weeks as well; where we’ll be running eye catching ads on Meta and TikTok, as well as a fun and engaging TikTok sampling stunt with street influencer Rob Colf that’s sure to make you pop with laughter.

Lauren Pizey , Pilgrim’s Europe Marketing Manager, explained: “With a super disruptive out of home and social campaign, I am sure people up and down the country will soon learn about this tasty new snack. We have not only focused on traditional marketing – with a twist – but also a big push on social media to help ensure we capture a wide customer base. A massive thanks to all involved in bringing this new launch to life and we can’t wait to see those ads on our social media feeds.”

Poppers have been developed to deliver bite-sized pieces of 100% chicken breast in textured coating to ensure an intense flavour which includes Garlic & Herb flavour and Cheesy Nacho flavour. The high-protein chicken bites are available in the fridge section of stores and come in bags of 42g and 68g.

Additionally, the team have added some clever location specific billboards in city centres such as London, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Glasgow, where we’ll be catching people’s attention (and tantalising their taste buds) with a unique taste led message.