Pilgrim’s UK has joined a new industrywide initiative to support a sustainable future for UK farming.

The Farmers Weekly Transition project is bringing together organisations from across the industry to create an information and advice portal, providing guidance, support and opportunities to help future-proof the sector.

Ruth Davis, Events and Projects Coordinator for Farmers Weekly, said:What does the transition towards a more sustainable future mean for farm businesses and business owners? What actions still need to be taken? How will this affect me? We are on the cusp of an agricultural revolution and these questions are front of mind for everyone in the industry.

“We believe providing clear information and advice is how we can best support the farming industry for the next 10 years. Because of this, we see a number of key opportunities where we can create multilevel content for our audience.

“Given the importance of this project to the industry, we are honored to have Pilgrim’s UK onboard such an impactful and important campaign – and proud to be a leading voice for this conversation.”

Matt Dight, Head of Sustainability, has been spearheading Pilgrim’s UK involvement and explained: “Farming is going through a number of changes and the sector needs to do a great deal to keep up with sustainability targets. But for this to happen we need a forum that brings us together so we can learn from one another, share information and best practices, and identify opportunities from which we can all benefit.

“As one of the UK’s leading farming operations and having made significant progress with our own sustainability strategy, we hope our involvement will be beneficial to others and provide the opportunity to share with others our insights, methods and ambitions. I am also looking forward to seeing what others bring to the table and how we could enhance our own practices.”

Plans for the project include;

  • Transition Pioneers: recruiting a cohort of farmers who we will follow through the transition process. In doing so, we will ensure the most relevant, actionable content possible to help farmers through this change.
  • Webinars – Discussing key themes and topics from the experts every quarter.
  • Podcasts – Consisting of on farm content with farmers and specialists to follow progress and news updates. There is also the chance for sponsors to give advice here also.
  • Learning Centre – Currently a recent Farmers Weekly Interactive initiative, we see there being a huge opportunity to integrate a learning offering within this campaign.
  • Transition live 2022 – A face to face event for expert advice and networking within the community. A chance for our partners to meet with the audience.
  • Workflow tool – Developing an additional application or platform to help practical steps forward.

Farmers Weekly is currently working on a major study to help launch the project. The survey results will be published in the 30 July issue in a special edition of Farmers Weekly magazine. This special issue of the magazine will also include the launch of Transition – our new publication providing advice and inspiration to farmers as they seek to secure a more sustainable future for their businesses.

Look out for further updates in the very near future.