Pilgrim’s UK has been awarded the globally recognised ISO 45001 and ISO14001 certifications for its Safety, Health and Environmental Management Systems.

This announcement follows over a years’ worth of audits by Bureau Veritas, covering all Business Units of Pilgrim’s UK.

Rachel Baldwin, Vice President, Human Resources, at Pilgrim’s UK, said: “We’re committed to ensuring we hold our operations to the highest standards, from a people, safety and environmental perspective. Operating as efficiently as possible is not only in the best interests of our colleagues but also mitigates our impact on the environment. Sustainability is at the heart of our business and will continue to be for years to come.”

Clare Blyth, UK Certification Director for Bureau Veritas, said: “Achieving certification to global ISO standards is the best way to drive and demonstrate continuous improvement. With ISO 45001 and ISO14001 secured, Pilgrim’s UK can provide its employees, customers, and stakeholders with confidence in its commitment to health, safety and environmental performance. We were delighted to work closely with the team in order to complete the audits required to help monitor progress across all Business Units.”