Sites were busy last Friday (8th March) celebrating IWD (International Women’s Day) in lots of different and interactive ways. International Women’s Day is a celebration of the achievements made by women throughout history and signifies a continued mission for gender equality. First celebrated over a century ago, the day is now embraced globally to collectively champion the successes of the world’s great women, both past, present and future.

Sites found lots of fun ways to celebrate, including information stands, giveaways, sweet treats, discussion groups and lots more.

Marie Holmes, Head of HR, said: “International Women’s Day is our chance to raise awareness and lead by example. As a traditionally male led sector, we are taking huge steps forward to challenge and break down barriers. It was great to see our sites take the lead and not only raise awareness but also get team members involved with activities. I want to thank all our sites for making such efforts and helping once again why our business is so diverse.”

IWD is a celebration of the achievements made by women over the course of history. Today, IWD appreciates the work that past heroines have completed across social, economic, cultural and political sectors. The day also represents the continued fight for equality, to eliminate discrimination and bias between genders.