Pilgrim’s UK is pleased to announce the Jolly Good Egg snacking product has been awarded a 1 Star Award at the Great Taste Awards.

Products receive a one, two or three-star rating if they are ranked amongst the best by judges, with the majority receiving no rating at all, which shows how exclusive the Great Taste Awards are.

James Peck, Customer Director for snacking, said: “We are thrilled with this award which demonstrates how highly rated these scotch eggs are. The Jolly Hog team worked with us because they know we share the same passion about higher welfare products which taste amazing. The Great Taste Awards are highly regarded, so to be given a Star Award means we are amongst the best in the industry.”

“However, most of the credit needs to go to our Ruskington team that produce these the soft set eggs wrapped in a seasoned pork sausage meat and encased in a wholegrain breadcrumb. Their tireless efforts mean that retailers can continue to restock their shelves in the toughest of times.”

Every Great Taste award-winning product can display the black and gold logo, a stamp of excellence that is recognised by retailers and consumers alike.

Established in 1994, Great Taste is organised by the Guild of Fine Food and is the world’s largest, longest standing and most respected food accreditation scheme for artisan and speciality food producers.

To read about the winners and learn more about the awards, visit their website.