This week the BQP will attend the first farming industry show of the year, LAMMA, at the NEC Birmingham – between today and tomorrow – 17 & 18 January.

It is the largest agricultural machinery show in the country, the show runs for two days. Why would a pig company go to a machinery show? The answer is quite simple. Over 90 percent of our farming partners growing pigs for BQP are arable farmers as well. And this is the biggest show to which they all come – as do other types of farmers.

Mark Jagger, Assistant Grower Farms Manager, explained: “With the show being held in January the farmers have less work to do on the farm so are more relaxed to talk and explore new possibilities for their farm. As a business, we require more new pig places to support our future growth. The conversations we have at the show create the leads for us to follows up on – often farmers even get in touch with us two or three years following the show. But if someone is keen, the whole process will take a little over 12 months from our initial conversation to getting pigs onto the farm.”

The team look forward to speaking to new farmers and others in the industry in what is yet to be another exciting year ahead for the sector.