The Pilgrim’s UK Leadership Conference was back with a bang as senior leaders across the business joined colleagues to discuss our future vision and strategy. There was also lots to celebrate as we awarded all our Super STARS winners and Exec Choice Award champions.

Following last year’s restrictions the conference and awards ceremony was back as live event with lots of excitement and flair. Senior leaders from across the business attended the conference to hear from a whole host of speakers, covering everything from sustainability, compliance, agriculture to dealing with post-pandemic and Brexit-related challenges.

Ivan Siqueira, President of Pilgrim’s UK, got things underway with a presentation about his future vision for the business. Gilberto Tomazoni, Global CEO – JBS, also joined virtually and answered a number of questions from senior leaders as well as encouraging leaders to meet and overcome the global challenges facing the industry. Fabio Sandri, Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation CEO, also joined online and gave his insights as well as tackling questions from the audience.

Ivan explained: “Many businesses have faced unprecedented challenges over the last few years, our conference was the perfect way to not only reconnect with colleagues but provided a forum to listen and learn from one another. We are seeking new innovations, exploring emerging markets and consumer trends – all whilst looking at ways to tackle global difficulties facing us, the industry and our customers. I am thrilled to have met so many of you for the first time and I look forward to sharing in our future success together.”

The day concluded with Ivan asking colleagues to join him in his plans to take Pilgrim’s UK to the next level in our pursuit to be the best.

The evening kicked off with an amazing meal which was specially selected by the Passion for Food team that included ingredients from our own range of products which was a huge hit with everyone. The night then followed with the Super STARS and Executive Choice Awards – recognising the hard work and dedication of many individuals and sites.

Over 3300 STARS awards were issued in 2021 alone across all seven of our values. Sites highlighted winners from production line operatives to management level.

The 2021 Super STARS winners are:

Availability – Sarah Holden from Central Finance
Determination – Louise Ayling from Ruskington
Discipline – Linda Dooley from Corsham
Humility – Stephanie Swinyard from Linton
Ownership – Lindsey Thompson from Ashton
Simplicity – Sergei Lapin from Spalding
Sincerity – Cameron Mason from Agriculture

The STARS initiative has proven to be a huge hit since its conception back in 2020 – with teams issuing certificates and tokens of appreciation.

Marie Holmes, Head of HR, explained: “These awards recognise colleagues who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in living and breathing our values. Our values are at the core of our business and I am pleased to see colleagues applying them to their roles.”

The Executive Choice Awards also saw several sites and Business Units awarded for being the best across eleven categories which included:

Animal Welfare Award – Jade McIlwaine (Ashton)
Innovation Award – Scott Best – Nitrate Free
Product of the Year Award – Stickless satay (Ruskington) Chloe Bates
Collaboration Award – Wayne Fairhurst
Gap Closure Award – Ashton & Ruskington
Simplicity – Helen Moore
Discipline – Sam Twigger & Gary Pepler
Humility – Rachel Brocket
Sincerity – Dave Parker & Simon Taylor
Availability – Claire Smith, Zoe Bruce & Felicity Richmond
Ownership – Scythia Cross, Stella Bartram-Green & Lars Theissen
Determination – Carlos Silva, Keilley Peters & Nick Purnell

Rachel Baldwin said: “We all know how hard our employees work and I am very proud to have shared in their success during our awards evening. Our values are not just a business statement but the foundation to everything we do. They help ensure our business is competitive, adaptable and above all a fantastic place to work which attracts the best talent. Our Exec Choice also award key categories within our business, and I was proud to revel the winners.

“It’s great to see the smiles of winners, but let’s not take anything away from everyone else across the business. I want to thank everyone for their hard work this year and for sticking it out during those tough moments. We are proud to be part of a remarkable organisation with so many incredible individuals who the backbone of this business – thank you all for your continued support.”