Pilgrim’s UK is once again highlighting its support and work to tackle modern slavery in all its forms across the business during Anti-Slavery day 2021.

Modern slavery is a growing problem globally and can take many forms, including the coercion, exploitation, deception or trafficking of people for labour and other criminal uses.

Andy York, Human Rights Manager, helps lead and manage our work around modern slavery, and said: “Although slavery is illegal in every country, it still happens all over the world and in businesses like ours. However, we are committed to finding modern slavery and stamping it out whenever we find out. And most importantly, supporting the victims and the police to bring the criminals to justice.

“Modern slavery is happening all around us, sometimes without us being aware, be it at a car wash, farms, factories, nail bars or restaurants, and it’s not always easy to spot. But we are working hard with partner organisations, such as local councils and the police, to look for those signs and act. One of the key organisations we work with is Bright Future – a charity which helps survivors to build a new life. As founding board members of the charity we work closely to harness all our innovation to help future victims.

“Anti-Slavery day is our chance to once again highlight our important work. This year we will be once again working closely with partners to support victims and bring gang masters to justice.”

Anyone with concerns about human trafficking or modern slavery should contact their local HR lead right away.

Andy added: “When you talk about modern slavery, you are not necessarily talking about people from one particular country or area of the world – or necessarily illegal immigrants. Modern slavery is a complex crime and much closer to home than many people realise.”