We are proud to announce that our Slow Cooked Red Eye Jackfruit was recently crowned Best Innovation – Own Brand – Product at the Waitrose Supplier Conference.

The Corsham produced product includes slow cooked jackfruit with a smoke flavoured rub and a tomato, honey, molasses, and vodka sauce.

Rachel Brockett and Rachel Griffiths were on hand to pick up the award. Rachel Brockett explained: “This is a highly recognised award and I am very proud of our team and the Corsham site for helping make this product a hit. This vegetarian dish recognises our hard work and dedication when it comes to new and innovative products. The food market is forever changing and I’m proud to say our team is adapting to the latest trends and styles. I also want to thank the Waitrose team for this award and their continued support and trust in us.”

Jackfruit tumbled in a smoky hickory barbecue rub and slow cooked for six hours until meltingly tender, with a tomato, honey and molasses sauce with a dash of vodka. Just add the sauce and finish in the oven.