The Redruth team have started a genius scheme to support their local Food Bank. Once a month the team take the takings from a day in the canteen and spend it on essential food goods from their local warehouse which they then donate to their local Food Bank to support those in need.

The first donation was made earlier this month which was gratefully received.

The project is being managed by Saul Stevens, Canteen manager, who explained: “The cost of living is not easy at this moment so we wanted to do something to help. Donating food goes a long way and helps many people struggling. But instead of asking everyone to donate we agreed as site to donate one day’s takings a month to buy the essentials and drop them off. The goods are very much appreciated and we are looking forward to donating more.”

But the Redruth teams’ generosity did not stop there. The team also donated jackets to volunteers at the Food Bank warehouse to keep them warm during the colder periods.

Saul added: “We noticed the charity team was struggling in the cold warehouse where they stored goods, so we sourced some of our freezer jackets and donated them. The team were over the moon and said thank you.”

The Redruth team thanked its colleagues for all their backing and continued support for the initiative.