Mark Jagger, BQP Assistant Grower Farms Manager, has been awarded the prestigious Outstanding Contribution to Pig Welfare gong in the RSPCA Assured Pig & Poultry Awards 2021.

The national awards recognise members who have gone above and beyond the standards and expectations to help improve farm animal welfare.

Mark said: “I am thrilled to be given this award which is a huge nod from the industry and the RSPCA welfare team. Pig welfare is at the heart of everything me and the BQP team do. Our commitment to pig welfare and continued pursuit to improve means we are one of the leading businesses when it comes to animal welfare. This award is testament to not only my work but that of the BQP team and the wider business.

Mark’s passion for pigs and pig farming is now recognised and appreciated throughout the industry. Totally dedicated to pig welfare, he styles himself as “the voice of the pig” and never tires of helping to promote the adoption of systems that benefit both health and welfare.

Pig Production Director, Howard Revell, explained: “This award comes as no surprise. Mark has an outstanding reputation which speaks for itself. His work is recognised across our industry and he is seen as the benchmark of success. I want to personally congratulate him for this award and look forward to more in the future.”

To learn more about Marks award, visit this link where you can watch a brief video about his achievement. To learn more about the RSPCA Pig & Poultry 2021 Awards, visit their website.