Pilgrim’s UK is proud to support the new campaign by Meat Business Women called The Power of You. To highlight the launch MBW have launched a video for the campaign which you can view here.

The campaign aims to encourage woman in the meat industry to feel empowered, confident and able to harness their own strengths and superpowers. Because when we come together as an empowered community and pay our skills and knowledge forward to others, we can drive real, tangible change for our industry’s image, culture and landscape.

The Power of You campaign calls on you to:

Recognise – Identify your inner strengths and confidence

Respond – Harness your key skills and confidence to take action, get heard and put yourself forward

Reciprocate – Empower your peers, pay your skills and knowledge forward, share your experiences and inspire success.

Chief Commercial Officer , Rachel Griffiths, is a key and active supporter of the group, and said: “We boast a great deal of female talent across our business. We should all be proud of the achievements women are making in our sector and encourage as many of you as possible to celebrate your success. This is the time to stand up and inspire others.

Meat Business Women’s Global Gender Representation report found that 53% of people working in the meat industry think that inclusion has moved up the agenda. There are more women at board level, director and CEO level roles than in 2020. 60% of people in the industry think that women’s access to networks and roles models has increased since 2020.

If we want to continue making positive change by building an inclusive and supportive sector then we have to come together to make it happen. We want to inspire and share success stories and build an empowered community which drives forward positive change in the industry.

Zoe Bruce, Customer Director, added: “Pilgrim’s UK is playing a vital role in our sector, helping mentor, guide and develop female talent. We want to use this campaign to encourage others to join MBW and use the fantastic resources and network available to unlock their Power.”

Take a moment to visit the MBW website to learn more about the campaign, the benefits of becoming a member and how it can help to grow and develop your career. You can also claim the cost of membership via expenses so it does not cost you anything.